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Advertising kids for adoption 2007 Online

• Reach an audience of over 3,000 prospective adopters

• Monthly publication

• No placement fees

• Competitive rates for featuring; discounts for agencies and repeat features

• Immediate changes to profiles Online

• Secure Online profiles can be viewed at any time

• Agency contact details included so prospective adopters can contact you directly

• Online profiles uploaded twice a month

Feature Rates 2007 – 2008

From 1 April 2007 – 31 March 2008

Children Who Wait magazine

Feature size Feature detail Agency member rate Non-member rate

Quarter page One child with one photo and a £235 £360

profile of 130 words max.

Third page For one child or sibling group; £325 £460

one photo; profile of 150 words max.

Half page For one child or sibling group; one or £425 £625

two photos; profile of 180 words max

Full page For one child or large sibling group; £775 £1050

one or more photos; profile of 250 words max

Children Who Wait magazine and Online

If you feature a child in the magazine, you can also feature them Online for a discounted rate.

For members, simply add £75 to the magazine rate (£100 for non-members). These rates are for

the feature to remain online for one month.

Quarter page and Online £310 £460

Third page and Online £400 £560

Half page and Online £500 £725

Full page and Online £850 £1150


Whilst there is a need to give as truthful a picture as possible, you should also be mindful of the child having access to their profile in the future, and consider any impact that the written words may have on them.

Words can be interpreted in different ways, and for this reason Adoption UK reserves the right to edit the profiles to promote the child’s personality and situation in a positive light, without clouding issues surrounding the child’s behaviour and experiences.

  • Advertising kids for adoption 2007 Online.

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    No child can be identified by any posts on this website. Every child should be able to move on in future without reminder of past intervention by any authority. Many victims of the U.K. System are the children.
    We are indeed aware of Article 170: Privacy for children involved in certain proceedings. but also Section 62: Publication of material relating to legal proceedings (251.252.) Which means that nothing can be published that may identify any CHILD during court process yet; Council's can publish photographs and detailed profiles of children online in advertising them for adoption.

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    This website is built for a parent who went through the system and wishes this information was there for them when it was needed.
    This right is protected by law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 19), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (article 19).

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