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An survey into the incidence and the geographical spread of antisocial behaviour in County Fermanagh was launched last week at a public meeting in Enniskillen by the Fermanagh Community Safety Partnership.

It has targeted anti social behaviour as one of five priorities arising from its 2005-06 community safety strategy.

The survey is being undertaken by former Alliance Party politician, Will Glendenning who was previously head of the Community Relations Council.

It coincides with an application to the Courts by the PSNI for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) to be served on a 65-year old man, sentenced to four months in jail for indecently assaulting two women in a Lisnaskea cafe.

A PSNI Chief Inspector, applying for the ASBO, told the Court that, since December 2004, there had been 42 alleged incidents involving the defendant.

The Magistrate deferred his ruling on the Order which, if granted, would require the man to not harass people in the car-parks of named shops.

The idea or a survey arose from a decision by the Anti-Social Behaviour Task Force, an inter-agency working group, to undertake two main projects between 2005-08.

Its other project was setting in motion an innovative LIFE programme that would enable 10-12 people to train for a week with the NI Fire Brigade.

A spokesman for the Partnership explained that the research to be undertaken by Mr Glendenning would be innovative and linked within Northern Ireland.

"It will look, not just to where anti-social behaviour is happening and what type of anti-social behaviour is taking place, but to find out why people are misbehaving. This survey is unique in terms of rural Northern Ireland".

To that end, he went on, Mr Glendenning would be undertaking 'a very comprehensive' survey between now and the end of January.

But, the spokesman stressed that the survey would not be an end in itself.

Its recommendations, he said, would be resourced from a community safety grants' programme to which community groups could apply for money.

The spokesman added:

"One of the good things that came out of last week's meeting was to clear up a perception that it is young people who are guilty of anti-social behaviour, say under-16's.While there is an element of truth in that, it is wrong.

"The fact remains that anti-social behaviour covers a wide variety of demographic and geographic places. Part of Will Glendenning's work will be a qualitative and a quantitative analysis of anti-social behaviour.

'His Report will contain statistics where they exist, and it will take into account the high level of unreported crimes".

The meeting attracted over 60 people who were addressed by a number of speakers who spoke on the theme, 'Anti social behaviour: your community, your concerns'. They included employees of the NI Housing Executive, and the Community Safety Unit.

Mr Glendenning's Report will feature a table correlating areas where anti-social behaviour is happening with the factors that contribute to it.

Speaking to the 'Herald', Mr Glendenning said he would be meeting this week with the Community Safety Partnership, and he would be making contact with young people, and would be using the Fermanagh Shadow Youth Council as a medium for that exercise.

"I want to hear what ideas people have, because often prevention is often cheaper than the cure.

"We will then use this information along with the statistical information which the Community Safety people will be giving me.

"In other words, we will be looking at certain areas which are seen to be particularly bad as well as others with less problems".

Mr Glendenning sets up Internet website on Bebo for research into anti-social Fermanagh.

Bebo is cause for concern in Child Protection Fermanagh.

Finance Minister wants All Online Fermanagh.

Social Services BAN Families from using BEBO in Case Conference Fermanagh.

Mr Glendenning need look no further than the Fermanagh Herald to research Anti Social Fermanagh.

Further Funds wasted in Research are outlined in this website, can we have some actual HELP for Fermanagh and less waste of Public Funds.
Copy of Fermanagh Herald News Archive.

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Community safety launch 'antisocial' behaviour survey Publication Fermanagh Herald Date October 18, 2006


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