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Thursday, 9 June, 2005,
13:26 GMT 14:26 UK

Victoria died six months later in February 2000, weighing less than four stone and with 128 separate injuries to her body.


Climbie report urges childcare reform A highly critical report into the death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie calls for the setting up of a children's commissioner.

Victoria Climbie: Chain of neglect
Climbie: Legacy of an inquiry
Agencies vow action on Climbie report
Climbie inquiry attacks watchdog
Climbie social workers sacked
New Climbie hearing over 'missing report'


Could Victoria have been saved?
The Victoria Climbie Inquiry heard 12 points when authorities could have made a difference - but would it have saved her life?

Timeline: Victoria Climbie
Girl, 8, 'tortured' to death
Victoria's life of horror
Climbie case is 'turning point'


Climbie murder 'will not be the last' A chronic shortage of social workers and funding will lead to a repeat of the Victoria Climbie murder, Unison warns.

Accusations fly at Climbie inquiry
Climbie parents' anger at 'missing files'
Climbie killer says sorry
Climbie killer disrupts inquiry
Turbulent day at Climbié inquiry
Father's tears over Climbie photo
Climbie parents reject apology


Climbie social worker guilty A social worker in the Victoria Climbie abuse case is found guilty of deliberately not attending a public inquiry into the girl's death.

Council blunder halts Climbie inquiry
Climbie official had 'psychotic illness'
NSPCC 'delayed action' over Climbie
Council LEFT children "at Risk"
Council boss apologises to Climbie inquiry
Victoria's relative 'warned social services'


Climbie officer 'feared scabies' A police officer failed to inspect the home of Victoria Climbie because she feared catching scabies, an inquiry into the girl's death hears.

Climbie officer 'feared scabies'
Social worker admits mistakes
Pastor prayed for 'possessed' Victoria
Cleric said Climbie was 'possessed'
Climbie doctor diagnosed scabies
Climbie social worker admits 'shortcoming'


Victoria carers guilty of murder
The guardians of an eight-year-old girl who died after "truly unimaginable" abuse are convicted of murder and jailed for life.

Inquiry into Climbie officials
Girl died after scabies scared off police
Officers in Climbie case 'scapegoats'

Pictures of the injuries on this child found post mortem. Obviously there was one official not afraid of scabies. Pity this happened to be the coroner.

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