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January 2007
Sperrin Lakeland Trust Profile 2

The area served by the Sperrin Lakeland Health and Social Care Trust covers three District Council areas, Omagh, Fermanagh and about one third of Strabane.
The Trust delivers health and social care to approximately 118,000 people spread across 1,000 square miles in some of Northern Ireland’s most remote and marginal rural areas.
The Sperrin Mountains, which dominate the northern portion, and the Fermanagh lakes, which do likewise for the southern portion, add to the scenic splendour.
However, fewer than a third of the population live in the two large towns of Omagh and Enniskillen, the remainder living in smaller towns and villages and in the open countryside.

Our mission statement and aims
“To enrich and enhance the quality of life for the whole community through the provision of relevant and efficient health and social care.”
The Sperrin Lakeland Health and Social Care Trust came into existence on 1 April 1996.
We seek to achieve the aims of our mission statement through the following objectives:
· providing services which match the needs and standards of those to which we are accountable;
· ensuring we focus appropriately on the needs and aspirations of patients, clients and their carers and other service users;
· using the opportunities offered by Trust status, and in particular the contribution that can be made by the non-executive directors, to secure ownership of services by our local community;
· keeping in tune with the needs of the West;
· constantly measuring our performance at all levels and being open and accountable;
· making full use of resources to provide for the needs of our local population in an efficient, effective and economic manner;
· investing in the enhancement of clinical and professional expertise and skills, and promoting the involvement of clinicians and professionals in the organisation and management of the Trust;
· valuing the benefits of research, audit, needs assessment and evaluation in keeping services, techniques and practices relevant and effective;
· continuing to give priority to raising awareness of health and social care issues through information, education and promotion;
· ensuring positive employee relations;
· recognising the value of partnership(s) in planning and delivering health and social care;
· instilling an entrepreneurial culture, which enables creativity and innovation in service delivery, to the benefit of our community;
· consistently acknowledging that we have much to learn.

Our services: The Trust provides a full range of health and social services in West Tyrone and Fermanagh area of Northern Ireland.
The main categories of services are:
· Acute hospital services, eg. general surgery and medicine, accident and emergency and renal services
· Maternal and child health services, eg. maternity services, neo-natal and paediatric services
· Family and child care services, eg. child protection, fostering and adoption services
· Services for people with a physical or sensory disability, eg. rehabilitation, therapeutic and advisory services
· Services for people with a learning disability, eg. respite care, therapeutic and advisory services
· Primary health care services, eg. district nursing and health visiting
· Health promotion, eg. health campaigns, raising public awareness
· Mental health services, eg. inpatient, outpatient, community and respite care services
· Elderly care services, eg. residential and nursing home care, domiciliary care, day care services
· Community dental services, eg. oral health, orthodontic and school dental services
· Services for the terminally ill, eg. Macmillan nurse and palliative care services
How are we managed? The Trust’s services are structured around three service directorates:
· Acute hospital services
· Community care services
· Mental health and elderly services

Each directorate is managed by a service director who is part of the Senior Management Team and Trust Board.
The Trust Board consists of the chairman, five non-executive directors and five executive directors and is assisted in its business by five support directors who are non-voting, but fully participate in Trust Board meetings.

Who is on our Trust Board? Chairman Gillian Shaw
Non-executive directors
Sydney Gamble
Annie Courtney
Nigel Mansley
Dermot O'Hara
Geraldine Rice
Executive directors
John Templeton, Chief Executive
Colm McCauley, Director of Finance
Francis Rice, Director of Nursing
Kate Thompson, Director of Social Work
Dr Diana Cody, Medical Director
Support/service directors
Briege Donaghy, Director of Planning, Commissioning and Information
Gabriel Carey, Director of Adult Mental Health & Disability Services
Mary Maguire, New Hospitals for South West Project Director
Alan Barron, Head of Human Resources
Vincent Ryan, Director of Primary Care & Older People Services
Raymond McCartney, Head of Operations

Meetings of the Trust Board
Our meetings take place each month, except July.
The dates and venues for Trust Board meetings for 2007 are as follows:
18 January 2007 Curtain room, Clinton Centre, Ennsikillen Trust Board
15 February 2007 Lecture room, Library HQs, Spillars Place, Omagh Trust Board
15 March 2007 Curtain room, Clinton Centre, Ennsikillen Trust Board

All Trust Board meetings are open to the general public. Where possible people are asked to give notice of their intention to attend. People are advised to arrive five minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting.

If you wish to attend or receive further information on the above meetings, please contact the
Chairman’s Office,
Trust Headquarters,
Strathdene House,
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
Co Tyrone,
BT79 0NS,
telephone (028) 8283 5253,
fax (028) 8283 5286.

Trust Facilities
The Trust provides a wide range of locally-based services in its two acute hospitals, its psychiatric hospital, in people’s own homes and in its community facilities.
Acute hospital services
Erne Hospital,
BT74 6AY
(028) 6638 2000

(199 beds - acute, maternity, neo-natal, paediatrics, elderly care, day procedure unit)
Tyrone County Hospital,
Omagh, BT79 0AP
(028) 8283 3100

(151 beds - acute, renal unit, elderly care, day procedure unit, ENT, children’s day unit)
Sperrin ward,
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
(028) 8283 5402

(28 beds - long stay elderly - formerly Omagh General Hospital)
Radiology (Trust wide) - Dr P Conneally, Dr G Loughrey
Pathology - Dr M O’Kane
Surgical directorate
Surgery - Mr A B Miller, Mr Ghareeb, Mr B Harding, Mr Stanek
Anaesthetics - Dr W Holmes, Dr M Cody, Dr T Auterson, Dr C Armstrong, Dr J M F Maginness, Dr K Anand,
ENT - Mr S K Kaluskar, Mr Koyyalamudi Babu
Accident and emergency - Dr S McBride

Women and children’s directorate
Obstetrics/gynaecology - Dr T Anderson, Dr S Cheah, Dr Mageed, Dr A McKinney
Paediatrics - Dr G Mackin, Dr J O’Donohoe Dr R Nethercott, Dr M Ledwidge
Community paediatrics - Dr K Sharma

Medical directorate
General medicine/nephrology/rehabilitation - Dr J R Williams, Dr M P S Varma, Dr J Kelly, Dr A L Blair, Dr P Garrett, Dr E Hodkinson, Dr C Russell,
Palliative care - Dr F Robinson
Occupational health – Dr C Burgess
Mental health and elderly services
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
BT79 0NS
(028) 8283 3100

(154 beds - psychiatric)
Adult psychiatry - Dr D Cody, Dr T Foster, Dr P Manley
Cognitive therapy - Dr K Gillespie
Alcohol and substance misuse - Dr D F Connolly
Child psychiatry - Dr M McDermott
Forensic psychiatry - Dr I Bownes
Psychiatry of old age – Dr T Flynn

Community mental health and elderly services teams
Belmore House,
19 Darling Street,
(028) 6632 6604

Coleshill House,
2 Coleshill Road,
(028) 6638 4000

Erne House,
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
(028) 8283 5449

Lissan House,
41 Dublin Road,
(028) 8225 2202

Mental Health Respite Care,
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital
(028) 8283 5070

Child & Adolescent Team,
Birch Villa,
Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital,
(028) 8283 5990

Community addiction teams: - Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
(028) 8283 5443

- Aisling Centre,
37 Darling Street,
(028) 6632 5811

Elderly Care Team,
Holly Villa,
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
(028) 8283 5935
Omagh or (028) 8283 5937
or (028) 8283 5938
Homecare (home help) team,
Holly Villa,
Tyrone and Fermanagh
(028) 8283 5909
Omagh or (028) 8283 5911

Elderly day care and residential care
Drumhaw House,
Co Fermanagh (028) 6772 1588
Gortmore Day Centre,
Derry Road,
Omagh (028) 8224 4134
Gortmore House,
Derry Road,
Omagh (028) 8224 6607
Tempo Road Day Centre,
Enniskillen (028) 6632 8729
Mental health day care and residential care
Clare House,
51 Chanterhill Road,
Enniskillen (028) 6632 6361
Ferone Drive,
Donaghanie Road,
Omagh (028) 8224 9312
Strathroy Hostels,
22 Clonmore Gardens,
Omagh (028) 8224 4974
Cranny Close,
4 Cranny Close,
Omagh (028) 8225 1727
Addiction Treatment Unit,
Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital,
Omagh (028) 8283 5443
Other facilities / services
Lisnamallard Industries,
5b Woodside Avenue,
Omagh (028) 8225 2079
Omagh Business Complex,
Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh(028) 8224 9494
Community care services
Health Centres
Omagh Health Centre,
Mountjoy Road,
Omagh (028) 8224 3521
Lakeland Health Village,
Erne Road,
Enniskillen (028) 6634 2466
(028) 6634 2459
Irvinestown Health Centre,
Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh
(028) 6862 1212
Lisnaskea Health Centre,
Lisnaskea (028) 6772 1566
Carrickmore Health Centre,
Termon Road,
Carrickmore (028) 8076 1242
Community facilities
Allied health professionals (AHPs)
Elliott Place,
- speech and language therapy (028) 6634 4096
- community dietetics (028) 6634 4093
- paediatric occupational therapy/physiotherapy (028) 6634 4107
- continence advisor (028) 6634 4101
Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital,
- podiatry/foot health service (028) 8283 5006
- paediatric occupational therapy/physiotherapy (028) 8283 5010
- speech and language therapy (028) 8283 5100
Bridge Centre,
5a Holmview Avenue,
BT79 0AQ
- community occupational therapy service (028) 8225 4450
- community nursing service (028) 8225 4458
- community midwifery service (028) 8225 4474
- free nursing care project (028) 8225 4467
Child care Beechlea Children’s Home, Drumcoo, Enniskillen (028) 66347660 Hazelwood Children’s Home, Cranny, Omagh (028) 82245727 Woodlands Children’s Home, Beltany Road, Omagh (028) 8225 9718 Sperrin Lakeland Trust Profile 8 Abbey House, 12 Abbey Street, Omagh (028) 82254500 Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh - Family & Child Care (including child protection) (028) 8283 5020 - Fostering & Adoption Team (028) 8283 5114 - Looked After Children’s Team (028) 8283 5033 Community Services Department, 2 Coleshill Road, Enniskillen - Family and Child Care (including child protection) (028) 6638 4000 - fostering and adoption team (028) 6638 4000 Riverside Family Centre, Camowen Hill Bungalow, Omagh (028) 8225 0660 Erne Family Centre, Elliott Place, Enniskillen (028) 8232 5632 Leaving Care / Aftercare Teams: - 12 Holmview Terrace, Campsie, Omagh (028) 8224 3584 - Meadowview House, 14 Darling Street, Enniskillen (028) 6634 7625 Looked After Children’s Therapeutic Service (028) 8283 5994 Birch Villa, Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh Disability services Abbey House, 12 Abbey Street, Omagh (028) 82254500 Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh - health and disability team (028) 8283 5050 - respite care team (028) 8283 5070 Community Services Department, 2 Coleshill Road, Enniskillen - health and disability team (028) 6638 4000 Drumcoo Centre, Enniskillen (including Sensory Unit) (028) 6632 4400 Learning disability services Fermanagh area: - Killadeas Day Care, Block E, Unit 47, Enniskillen Business (028) 6634 2833 Centre, Lackaghboy, Tempo Road, Enniskillen - Units 14-17, Enniskillen Business Centre, Lackaghboy, (028) 6632 0031 Tempo Road, Enniskillen - Buttermarket, Enniskillen (028) 6632 8629 - Share Centre Unit, Lisnaskea (028) 6772 2798 - Enterprise Centre, Drumbroughas North, Lisnaskea (028) 6772 3256 - Enterprise Centre, Enniskillen Road, Kesh (028) 6863 2364 - Tir Navar Outreach Centre, Derrygonnelly (028) 6864 1750 Tyrone area: Sperrin Lakeland Trust Profile 9 - Omagh Centre, Deverney Road, Omagh (028) 8224 4001 - Carrickmore Outreach Centre, The Garden Corner, (028) 8076 1933 Milestone Centre, Carrickmore - Castlederg Outreach Centre, Enterprise Centre, (028) 8167 9828 Drumquin Road, Omagh - Dromore Outreach Centre, the Garden Corner, Main Street (028) 8289 8976 Dromore - Gortin Outreach Centre, The Garden Corner, 63 Main Street (028) 8164 8867 Gortin - Coneywarren Bungalow, Derry Road, Omagh (respite) (028) 8224 9902 Developing Better Services In February 2003, the former Minister for Health, Des Browne announced his plans regarding the future provision of health and social services in Northern Ireland. These plans included his decision to provide a new acute hospital to the North of Enniskillen and a local hospital in Omagh. These facilities will be part of a network of hospital care across Northern Ireland and integrated with community and primary care services. Developing Better Services (DBS) is the name given to the overall development of improved health and social services across Northern Ireland. As a Trust, we have been asked by the Department of Health to implement the decisions reached by the Minister in February 2003. In doing so, we are working with our colleagues at the Western Health and Social Services Board, Altnagelvin Hospital Trust and the Department of Health, as well as our staff and the local community and its representatives. For further information on the DBS project, please contact Mary Maguire on (028) 8283 5965 or at or at or by fax on (028) 8283 5969 or visit our website at Human Milk Bank Breast milk is vital in helping sick babies recover and premature babies develop. Our Human Milk Bank, the only one in Ireland, is based in Irvinestown. It co-ordinates the collection, screening, pasteurisation, storage and distribution of breast milk to babies in hospitals and their own homes in our area as well as other parts of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Breast milk is in high demand and new donor mothers are always needed. Please contact Ann McCrea on (028) 6862 8333 for more information or if you wish to become a donor mother. Listening and responding The views of people who use our services continue to be a valuable means of testing quality and highlighting when remedial action is necessary to make improvements in our services. Sperrin Lakeland Trust Profile 10 In November 2002, a pilot of an advocacy model of handling patient/client concerns commenced. An evaluation has been carried out and the pilot has been extended. We welcome both complaints and compliments – both assist us in our aim of continuous improvement of our services. Concerns should, where possible, be raised with those involved in providing care. Our staff are encouraged to resolve concerns at the time a difficulty arises. However, patients and clients may choose to contact our complaints team. They can be contacted at Trust Headquarters, Strathdene House, Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh, Co Tyrone, BT79 0NS, on (028) 8283 5485. Further information Further information on the Trust and its services can be obtained from Trust Headquarters, Strathdene House, Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh, Co Tyrone, BT79 0NS, at or on (028) 8283 5253 or by fax on (028) 8283 5286 or through our website at

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